New Year

Hi, dancers! The new year is coming soon and that means it’s time to start setting resolutions for 2017. Dancer’s resolutions typically don’t tend to be too much different from nondancer’s, for example: To eat better, get organized, work out more, etc. But, they also include more technique specific goals, such as: Getting their middle split, doing triples on their right and left, etc. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you the do’s and don’ts of making goals. The new year is the perfect time to start setting new goals, and with the tips listed in this post, make them happen!

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Maria Kochetkova by Kurt Iswarienko

DON’T Set more than a couple of big goals

It can be easy to get carried away when you’re creating resolutions to complete during the new year, but be careful to not set more than one or two big goals. Setting multiple big goals for the year can be too overwhelming and can cause you to burn out quicker than it would if you only set one or two big goals for the year.

DO Be realistic

I am certainly guilty of trying to fit too much on my plate, as are many other people. When setting goals it’s good to be hopeful and to challenge yourself, but at the same time, you have to be realistic. There are a few factors that you can’t ignore when making goals: You CAN’T change genetics, you CAN’T stop time, and you CAN’T do everything. Not every goal can be achieved, and you have to be able to realize this to succeed in achieving your goals.

DON’T Give In

Stick to your goal or as long as you can and avoid giving in to quitting. Even putting off working out one ay that isn’t your rest day, so you can go hang out with friends can put you behind in the long run, and even prevent you from accomplishing your goals. This goes for every goal you may set, stay strong and don’t give up.

DO Be forgiving

If your goal does fall through, because of a lack of time or interest or anything, know that you’re only human and that it’s okay. Nobody’s perfect and just because a goal doesn’t get achieved doesn’t really matter in the long run. A new year’s resolution, or any goal that you set for yourself should be set to make you happy. If a goal that you set just isn’t realistic or doesn’t make you happy, don’t think of it as quitting, more as postponing it. You can always try again later, or even set an easier to achieve goal that still gives you pride.

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